Thursday, 4 October 2018

Getting the Dental Filling Replaced

When you get your tooth damaged due to any reason, the best option you can go for in order to restore the looks and functionality of your smile is to get a dental filling. In most of the cases, the damage occurs due to severe kind of tooth decay or cavities.

Moreover, there are certain types of injuries which can happen to your teeth. When you bit down on hard foods or objects, you might get your tooth chipped or cracked. Grinding and clenching your teeth can also result in the damaged tooth.

Now, there are some signs and symptoms that you will have to look for in order to find out if your tooth is cracked. The most obvious sign is the pain in the tooth. You can have this pain and discomfort while eating, drinking, biting down on anything, or having your affected tooth exposed to open air. Sometimes, you may feel like you have something stuck between your teeth. One thing that you have to keep in mind in this regard is that the crack may not be quite visible. It means that you will have difficulty in figuring out if there is any crack.

The pain due to crack in your tooth may be intermittent. This condition only worsens if you leave it untreated because the crack starts to expand when pressure comes onto the teeth. In this scenario, you will have to make sure that you visit your dentist as soon as you can because it is quite important to get the problem analyzed and treatment started in a timely manner. The first thing that would help your dentist to quickly identify the problem is a dental x-rays test. The dentist will fill your teeth after the analysis is complete and the problem is fully identified. There are many filling options to choose from.

Now, there may be many people who would have got their teeth filled few years ago. So, it may be the time for them to get their fillings replaced. The seal between filling and the tooth starts to wear out after the adhesion between the filling and the tooth starts to become weak. This can get dangerous with the passage of time due to the fact that bacteria find their way to seep into the open crack.

It is not quite difficult to get the filling replaced if you do it on time. You will just have to visit the dentist and ask them to check if you need your filling replaced. Most of the times, they will be the first ones to tell you if you have the habit of visiting your dentist biannually. However, letting the gap between filling and the tooth to widen can make things serious because there would bacterial buildup inside the tooth. It can infect the tooth pulp. After that, root canal treatment may turn out to be the only option left for you.

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